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Invest in your business by looking after mental health

Invest in your business by looking after mental health
Kingston Council hosted an event on mental health and wellbeing in business as part of its COVID-19 Business Support Programme.

The session offered an interactive opportunity for people to acquire tips on how to de-stress and feel better, no matter the circumstances.

Participants also discussed how well your business could operate if you or your team – key business assets - experience mental health challenges. The discussion highlighted how investing a little time in this can make for healthier teams. 

Further tips included:
•    Remembering everything in life is temporary so you can always start again tomorrow and build something that pleases you more.  
•    Block out negative news and focus instead on things that are going well. By writing down three things you are grateful for and appreciate in your life every day, you will soon feel a lot better about life. 
•    To help you sleep more easily, stop all work at least an hour before bed and do something peaceful that you enjoy and that helps you relax. 

View the video session and all others that form part of the borough’s COVID-19 support programme by clicking here.